Schoolchildren who make stories about Lesik invited to National Olympic Committee

17 April 2019

The talisman of the II European Games Lesik continues to conquer the hearts of the Belarusians, especially the young ones. So, seven-year-old Nastya fr om Polotsk learned about the red-haired mascot at school. Together with her teacher she came up with a fairy tale. Her parents helped revive the characters and create a cartoon about Lesik’s adventures. 

A trip to the European championship in figure skating inspired Kirill for a drawing. At the age of six he knows the capitals and flags of fifty countries. He made up a story about how Lesik invites all 50 states of Europe to Belarus. 

For their efforts and creativity, the guys received an invitation to the National Olympic Committee, wh ere they met Lesik, played virtual simulators and learned the most interesting facts from our country's Olympic history.