Car utilization fee to be introduced in Belarus on March 1

10 February 2014

By Dmitry Titov: This innovation was aimed at sustainable resource use and environmental protection. Cars registered at the State Motor Vehicle Inspection until March 1 are not subject to fees. The utilization fee is almost the same as in Russia where it makes up 20,000 rubles. However, the calculation procedure is pretty simple - the base rate is multiplied by a factor that depends on the age, engine size and purpose of the vehicle. Individuals will have to pay 10 percent of the base rate. With legal entities, the rates vary depending on the type, category and issue date of the vehicle.

Relatively new personal vehicles will be subject to a fee of about 60 US dollars; about 85 US dollars will be charged on cars that are more than three years old. The utilization fee will not apply to agricultural machinery.

The fee on imported vehicles will be charged by the Customs Committee, Belarusian manufacturers will deal with the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

The fee has to be paid once. According to the Ministry of Industry, the money will be spent on modern equipment for metal processing.