Passing scores for top specialties in universities reach 380

19 July 2019

Acceptance of documents to universities continues in Belarus. The most popular specialties are international law, dentistry, Romano-Germanic philology and information technology. The top specialties will have a score from 330 to 380 points.

Irina Starovoitova, First Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus: “We have 49 higher education institutions receiving documents, 7 of them are private. The admissions office works in a regular mode. In each higher education institution we have a state commission on control over the admission campaign. No violations have been identified. Over 26,000 people will be admitted to the budget form of education including 21,000  full time students. "

By the way, this year there are vacancies in agricultural specialties on the budget. And the receipt of documents for a paid form continues until August 4.