About 12000 people to serve in army

18 November 2019
Today 1,500 draftees went to the troops. They will join the ranks of special operations forces, the Minsk military commandant’s office and military training units. About 200 people will go to serve in the reserve.

Alexander Shkirenko, Head of the main organizational and mobilization department, Deputy Chief of the general staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus: “The medical examination of conscripts is being completed. The conscription commissions of the districts have already adopted more than 52000 decisions regarding the citizens. More than 23000 are granted deferment fr om conscription. For 84% of the conscripts this is a delay for continuing education."

The elite troops will receive the first recruits in Mogilev. The Slavya Square, wh ere the names of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and labor feat were immortalized, became the celebration venue. The meeting participants laid flowers at the eternal flame.