Head of State visits experimental test site of OKB TSP enterprise

22 May 2020
The development of the military-industrial complex, the missile and rocket production in Belarus, as well as the latest weapons and military equipment were discussed. 

Alexander Lukashenko observed the newest models - anti-aircraft missile weapons and missile technology.  Such production in the military-industrial complex is a strategic task that allows us to increase the country's defense capabilities.

The President was also informed about the almost completed developments. This is mainly the modernization of the equipment in service of the Belarusian army. These samples are able to significantly increase the export potential of our defense industry. The same applies to domestic missiles. The first prototype of Trehsotka is expected to be completed by September.  Such a projectile strikes a target at ranges of up to 300 km. The polygons of several states are considered for their testing.

Alexander Lukashenko gave specific instructions to solve problematic issues. The President also signed the first Belarusian anti-aircraft guided missile. The special construction bureau was established at the beginning of 2000. The enterprise not only creates new weapons systems but also updates existing models. The Belarusian armed forces went through several stages of modernization. These steps are aimed at the strengthening of the defense.