Peter Vityaz: We are working on a multi-level space system

12 April 2019

Today the world celebrates the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. Belarus is included in the list of space powers with three satellites in the orbit. The first one is the Earth remote sensing satellite responsible for cartography, the second one is informational. It provides for the telephone and Internet. And last year, we launched a scientific and educational satellite. Also, the Academy of Sciences is working on joint space projects with Russia.

Petr Vityaz, head of the NAS of Belarus, academician: "We have a lot of plans to develop cooperation with Russians, because we specialize primarily in target equipment that conducts Earth remote sensing. We have a Belarusian space system for the remote sensing of the Earth. And now we are working on a multi-level system. It’s not only outer space. It’s aviation, drones, and the ground part, which will allow solving more complex tasks."