First Belarusian electric bus sent to UK

17 September 2019
The first Belarusian right-hand drive electric bus was sent to the UK today. The environmentally friendly vehicle produced at Belkommunmash enterprise, was made specifically for the British city of Nottingham. An electric bus with 87 seats will be tested first, after which it will be “registered” on one of Nottingham’s regular routes. 

Sergey Chistov, Deputy Chief Designer of OJSC Belkommunmash: "Great Britain supports the concept of freeing cities from internal combustion engines, they have plans to exclude them from city streets by 2040.  We found our solution and held negotiations in Manchester and Nottingham. We see the interest of both the carrier and the city authorities precisely in electric transport."

The interest in Belarusian electric buses is growing in the post-Soviet space. They signed a contract for the supply of eight units of eco-transport to Batumi, Georgia.