High Technology Park launches project on introduction of artificial intelligence in schools

21 December 2018

Today, exactly one year has passed since the signing of the Decree on the development of the digital economy. The High-Tech Park is the center of its action. In just 12 months, the HTP not only increased the number of residents by more than 2 times, but also increased exports. Today the largest corporations from all over the world are opening development centers in Belarus. That is why the issue of training new staff now comes out on top. The HTP launched a number of educational programs for children and teachers, and today a project has been launched to introduce artificial intelligence in schools. Students from the urban settlements of Bolbasovo and Barani of the Orsha district will be the first to test the technology. Vice-Premier Alexander Turchin, Director of the HTP Vsevolod Yanchevsky and IT entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya presented them tablets with the computer vision technology.

The most important thing in the development of the digital economy today is qualified and competent personnel. Over the past 5 years, 30 new specialties have appeared that cover the IT-sphere and this is only in the field of higher education. Therefore, the first steps towards the development of a digital country should be laid from an early age.