Chairman of Belteleradiocompany tells about organization of TV broadcasting during 2nd European Games

20 June 2019

In the modern world, sports diplomacy works just as well as political diplomacy. Sometimes, thanks to the victories of our athletes, the country becomes known to the entire planet. For example, during the Olympic Games in Sochi, thanks to the success of our athletes, the name of our country became one of the most popular requests on the World Wide Web.

I. Eismont: There is an opinion that if there is no television, there is no event. I think this is true. As for the European Games, which will start tomorrow, I think, without exaggeration, all TV technology is involved in this process. This is, of course, a challenge, but I want to say that we have experience. We have long been shooting serious sports events, including matches of the national teams of Belarus in various sports, the Champions League, Eurovision, large-scale concerts. I am sure that we have enough experience. During such serious events we significantly increase the volume of broadcasting.