Active phase of exercises of CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force starts

17 August 2016

The active phase of the exercises of the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force started at the Russian range Sturugi Krasniye, Pskov region. According to the legend, an enemy has invaded one of the member-countries of the Collective Security Treaty. Intelligence units of Belarus and Kazakhstan need to find the exact location of the enemy and report the coordinates to headquarters. Russian aviation joins the exercises with its 50 military aircraft, helicopters and drones, tanks and artillery. At present, the main task is to show that member-countries are able to work harmoniously in a situation close to real.

A total of 6 thousand soldiers participate in exercises. More than 1000 military among them are participants of CSTO CRRF. 5000 military are soldiers of the Western Military District of Russia. Tomorrow the exercises will enter the second active phase. Its main goal is the defeat of illegal armed groups.