New chocolate trilogy "President. Exclusive" to appear on shelves of Belarus

12 June 2018

A completely affordable delicacy will be a national premiere! The novelty can be purchased in the branded shops of Kommunarka trade network. It was developed at the initiative of the head of state. More than a year ago, Kommunarka released the first sweet, sugar-free sample of chocolate under the same name. For this time the product has become really a brand and a favorite delicacy not only of Belarusians, but also of foreign connoisseurs. Now there are 3 options with different percentage of cocoa content. What is the advantage of the new confectionery line?

Cocoa-liqueurs from Cote d'Ivoire, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela are collected for the first time in one Belarusian chocolate. Beans of these countries are all year round under the sun, some trees grow from volcanic rocks, which provides for a unique mineral composition and exclusivity.

During half a year, the technologists of Kommunarka experimented and created a new chocolate composition with walnut color and floral aroma. The recipe is labeled top secret. Only a few know it.

For the brand series the modernized automated equipment is used that does not require human intervention.

Irina Yablonskaya, a dietician:

"It is 100% natural product with no palm oil, only cocoa butter. Therefore, judging by the composition, it is a good product. This chocolate is absolutely natural".

The head of state uses sweets right from the assembly line as souvenirs for distinguished guests

By the way, it was the colleague and the long-time close friend of Alexander Lukashenko who first evaluated the new confectionery series. President of Tajikistan Emomoly Rahmon tasted the improved chocolate and appreciated it.

A few days ago, Alexander Lukashenko presented a chocolate present to the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping.

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