IT lessons held as part of worldwide campaign Hour of Code

9 December 2018

The global action on introduction to computer science Hour of Code is aimed at supporting education in the regions. New IT laboratories will be opened in Dokshitsy, Smolevichi and Liozno districts. The Hi Tech Park has equipped some computer classes in the countryside and small towns so that all students could try themselves in IT.

The project of the park Programming is Second Literacy has already prepared the eighth graduation of specialists. These are about a thousand teachers, which means that there are several dozens more students. Today, about 10 thousand Belarusian schoolchildren learn the language Scratch. Together with universities, the Hi Tech Park opens IT laboratories. Now there are more than sixty of them, and there are about 20 branches of educational institutions in the resident companies of the park. About 1,500 educational institutions of the country take part in the action Hour of Code.

Improving the efficiency and quality of education is one of the main priorities of state policy. It is necessary to train specialists from a very young age. The High-Tech Park works closely with schools and universities. A curriculum for pre-school children is being developed with a special focus on supporting education in the regions.

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