Centre of Radiation Medicine opens in Gomel

2 September 2015

The idea of ​​its construction was supported by the government of the USSR in 1990. But after the collapse of the USSR the construction were frozen.

Then the doctors and residents of the Gomel region appealed to the head of state. The President personally ordered to resume construction.

The youngest patient is only a week old, the oldest is 80.

Andrew Filyustin, the head of the department of radiation diagnosis of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology: "Now you can survey the entire body at the same time, we can examine the abdominal cavity, can scan multiple parts of the spine, the joints, brain, abdomen, pelvis, and so on."

The Center for Radiation Medicine now helps not only the residents of Belarus. Patients come here from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, Germany and the United States.

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