Belarusian Foreign Ministry monitors situation with our citizens abroad

18 March 2020
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus promptly informs about the state of Belarusian citizens abroad. The latest information was announced by press secretary of the department Anatoly Glaz today.

Anatoly Glaz, head of the information and digital diplomacy department, press secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: " The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign institutions have provided unscheduled assistance with the return of more than 1,700 citizens of our country. This does not take into account the numerous requests from the Belarusian embassies in Russia and Ukraine. It was possible to ensure the return from the territory of Lithuania of a group of more than 400 Belarusian children and adults accompanying them only today. The return of 136 Belarusian children and their attendants from Jurmala resort is under special control."

The Belarusian department works in strict coordination with embassies abroad. They especially emphasized that the national airline Belavia is not going to cancel previously planned flights to the EU countries.