Belarusian nurse Galina Kulagina gets Medal Florence Nightingale

16 May 2019

She devoted her life to caring for people, thanks to her support, thousands of patients believed in themselves and won terrible diseases. The Belarusian nurse Galina Kulagina was awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal. This is the highest award given every two years to the best nurses in the world.

Galina Kulagina, chief nurse of the Republican Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy Center: "The nurse's profession is invisible and the work seems imperceptible, and most often the patient goes to the doctor. But this work is very important. In my opinion, this is the most significant profession. "

Galina Kulagina gathered all the nurses of the country into one association and, in part, thanks to her, the international holiday of Nurse Day, which is celebrated in the world on May 12, began to be celebrated in our country. Today, Galina Kulagina manages the medical staff. And this is 250 employees.