Belarusian humanitarian aid convoy reaches Kharkov

13 June 2018

By Vladimir Korolev: The Belarusian humanitarian mission continues in Ukraine. Today, the humanitarian aid convoy reached Kharkov. Belarus has already provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. A year ago, a similar mission was assigned to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Convoys transported the most essential things, such as canned meat, butter, cereals, and sugar.

In a day, the humanitarian convoy accompanied by the Ukrainian police covered the distance of 500 km from Kiev to Kharkov. Tomorrow, the cargo will be divided, and part of it will be delivered to Kramatorsk – the administration of Donetsk region. The other part of the cargo will be sent to Severodonetsk – the city has the same status in Lugansk region.

The armed conflict in the east of Ukraine has lasted nearly 4 years now. All this time, while different parties are looking for ways to resolve it, there are lots of people who are experiencing serious problems with food and medicine, as well as mobile communication. The ambulance can not always arrive here quickly.

Our film crew will proceed to accompany the convoy in the territory of Donetsk region. Tomorrow, a press conference will be organized in Kramatorsk for journalists upon arrival of the humanitarian aid.

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