Head of State adopts number of important social decisions early this week

24 May 2020
Let us start with the important social decisions made at the beginning of the week by the Head of State. They are all enshrined in the relevant decrees and provide for social support. Thus, salary increments are waiting for those who are on the front line in the difficult conditions of the epidemics: left his family for a while to help the elderly and the lonely. The employment and insurance experience will be reviewed for certain categories. Indeed, there are people who need special attention and support from the state. For them, a system of targeted assistance has been operating in Belarus for 8 years. The mechanism is in place, but the practice has shown that there are situations that can rather be called exceptions to the general rules. Individual approach is the main principle on which the state work on social support is built. And the current innovations are just a reaction to the Belarusians' appeals to the authorities. There was a problem - we found a solution together. Social support measures are targeted at specific categories of citizens. Timely support for those who need it is the main rule The President reminded about it at the end of last year - at a meeting with parliamentarians. On average, about 8 thousand families with many children today apply for targeted assistance. From September 1 this year, the monthly targeted assistance to low-income families with many children will change. The pension for such parents will officially remain social. But thanks to the new formula prescribed in the decree, its amount will double.