Fake from Bloomberg

26 March 2020
Fakes on the coronavirus continue to turn up. The well-known American agency Bloomberg boomed with a loud sensation today, saying that 22 people died from coronavirus in our country. The material was published around 7 am and was picked up by certain Belarusian resources. After finding out the mistake Bloomberg simply corrected the figure in the same material. About a million users visit the Bloomberg website daily. 

The Ministry of Health commented on the real situation with COVID-19 in our country. 

Elena Bogdan, Deputy Minister of Health of Belarus: "The situation remains controlled. Not a single patient has died of COVID-19 at the moment. The infected have either an asymptomatic course or absolutely not expressed clinical manifestations of a respiratory nature. Besides, we are creating at least a 6-month supply of drugs."

Ministry of Health controls the situation with COVID-19 in the country. It is not worth paying attention to fake media sources.