COVID spread prevented by control agencies of Belarus and Russia

24 May 2020
Quarantine free movement inside the country and open communication with other states does not mean that nothing is being done to prevent the infection spread from outside. Vehicles coming from the east do not pass customs or border checks but are stopped at checkpoints of the sanitary-epidemiological station. Such measures have been introduced in Belarus since late March. Persons entering the country must stay 14 days in self-isolation, which is how long the incubation period of the infection lasts. The reason is not to infect others, in case of asymptomatic disease. The doctors also work here, they measure the temperature, explain the rules of self-isolation, tell how the inspection will work, because non-compliance is punished with a fine from 54 to 1350 rubles. The easing of quarantine measures in Russia has increased the flow of visitors. In the absence of an official communication, the Russian carriers themselves organize the delivery of passengers to another country. Since the beginning of the pandemic, transport inspectors have also been working around the clock. Their area of control is trucks. Those who transit through Belarus should follow the shortest route and leave the territory the next day. After midnight, the driver can be fined. Throughout the country there are 54 petrol stations for transit carriers - there are also catering and recreational facilities. The trucks are most often in transit from Russia to Europe. In 2 months, many drivers learned the new requirements. Truckers are not always happy with the situation, many complain about the lack of parking spaces, limited movement (for example, in case of an unforeseen breakdown) and high penalties. The Ministry of Transport also receives such appeals. This week, the agency announced an increase in the number of additional parking lots for rest, meals, and fueling for transit carriers across the country - more than 40 new parking lots are planned.