More than 100 new residents appeared in HTP in 5 months

4 June 2018

The high-tech park becomes the center of world investment and forms a new generation of digital society. The course on the digital economy converts the joint efforts of the state and the IT sector into real incomes. Over the past year, the HTP exports amounted to more than one billion dollars. Today the High Technology Park is by right the main project of the domestic IT-sphere. Modern digital solutions are being introduced in different industries. During the first 5 months of 2018 over a hundred new residents entered the HTP - this is a historic record and, of course, new investment. Such rapid growth is connected with the Decree number 8, which simplified the conditions for joining the HTP. Among the new residents there are companies that produce work, modern medical equipment, educational software, and 3D graphics for the largest animation corporations.

Viktor Khamenok, director of the company Rozum Robotics:

"Now we see that the Park has opened its doors for new companies, and now it takes much less effort to write formal papers instead of concentrating on your business and earning money. We have prepared all the documents for joining the Park on our own, without resorting to the help of legal companies. "

A little over a year ago, the President took a course on an IT-country. The head of state said he was ready to encourage the most courageous decisions. A new page has opened in the development of IT industry. A new director of the High Technologies Park was appointed.

In a short time, a revolutionary document was drafted and signed. Tax benefits until 2049, support for education from IT companies. The document came into force at the end of March, but its effect was felt even before. The conditions for entering the High-Tech Park have become much simpler - no red tape and bureaucracy, everything is as transparent and quick as possible, the residents note.

A quarter of new residents create their own products for different sectors of the economy. The Decree on the Development of the Digital Economy, signed by the President, expands the activities for existing residents. There is an opportunity to provide marketing services, outsourcing business processes.

Vsevolod Yanchevsky, director of the high-tech park:

"In five months, more than 100 new residents are very good news and very big success, it is such direct evidence of trust from the IT community, not only Belarusian, but also foreign ones to the Decree on the Development of the Digital Economy, which was recently signed by the head of state, and, in general, to that course for building an IT country that was proclaimed by our President. "

These developers speak the language of doctors and engineers. Technology with surgical precision is a laser that does not require a large number of specialists in the operating room and does its job quickly and efficiently.

The decree "On the development of the digital economy", which was adopted by the President of the country, opened new opportunities for the development of innovations in Belarus. Today there are 293 residents in the High Technology Park.