Belarusian rescuers deliver humanitarian aid to southeast Africa

21 April 2019

This week, Belarusian rescuers delivered humanitarian aid to southeast Africa. In late March, this region was hot by a  tropical cyclone. More than a thousand people became victims of the elements in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, many are missing. The World Bank claims that over two billion dollars will be needed to restore the economies of these countries. Belarus was among those, who stretched out a helping hand. 92 tons of humanitarian aid was formed as soon as possible. 

In addition to assistance, the Belarusian rescuers offered a public warning technology. It successfully operates in our country and is useful to the African continent in its fight against bad weather. Humanitarian aid promotes not only friendship between countries, but also promotes business and trade.

In addition to humanitarian aid and proposals for cooperation, representatives of Zimbabwe and Mozambique received invitations to visit our country to strengthen trade, economic and friendly relations.