Belarus joins garbage combating trend

28 July 2019

The ecologists today  focus our attention on the plastic: today it is present  in packaging, in containers and in many other things.  Such  products decompose for  more than a hundred years. 

The government said this week that it is  ready to financially support an accelerated transition to paper, wood and other biodegradable containers. It's about the support of manufacturers and retail. One of the incentives for manufacturers of eco products can be cheap loans, including for small and medium businesses. It is possible that within the framework of the eco policy,  a ban will be imposed on free plastic bags in stores. 

More than 4% of the total world oil and gas production is spent on the manufacture of plastic bags. 

The concept of eco life is studied in Belarus.  Experts believe that if all the garbage is involved in recycling, then its negative impact is reduced. In March, the European Parliament decided to ban plastic dishes and a number of other plastics things starting from 2021. We are not lagging behind either. Environmentalists  require  to impose a ban on plastic dishes in the catering. The Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade is now studying the situation and positions of all the concerned departments.  Now in Belarus the polymeric wastes form about two hundred and eighty thousand tons per year, and  only 30 percent is recycled. By 2035, this share is planned to increase to 50%. At the same time, the number of wastelands  in the republic will be reduced.