Alexander Lukashenko accepts reports from security officials

30 March 2020
The state of affairs in the Armed Forces of Belarus, the willingness to respond to external challenges and the results of planned training were discussed today at the Palace of Independence.

The Secretary of State, Minister of Defense and Head of the Main Intelligence Agency reported to the President today. 

NATO exercises "Defender of Europe 2020" are likely to be terminated, according to the Minister of Defense. Their intensity was already reduced on March 16 due to the difficult epidemiological situation. A number of countries (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands) have already refused to hold them. However, there are no allegations for its cancellation. Therefore, the preparation of our Armed Forces continues.

The state of the Belarusian army is stable, planned training is held, cooperation with allies and partners is ongoing. The President asked for the health condition of the military, since the media fuss around the epidemic is huge.

The Head of the State was also interested in the results of the training of military personnel and the results of the exercises of peacekeepers jointly with Great Britain in Vitebsk region. They were highly appreciated by experts both in Belarus and among professionals from the UN and NATO.