Historical Museum of Belarus hosts medal art exhibition

19 November 2019
The works of international masters were created during the XVI Latvian exposition. The project has existed for almost half a century. It was first held in 1973. 76 small sculptures, created by the Baltic artists, engravers, sculptors and designers over the past three years, arrived in Minsk. European masters move away from canonical round medals and experiment with geometric shapes and themes. The materials are becoming more diverse, not only bronze is used, but also marble, porcelain, gypsum and even wood.

Pavel Sapotko, Director of the National Historical Museum of Belarus: “In the future we will be able to invite the craftsmen themselves to establish the dialogue and to participate in this event.”

You can get acquainted with the medal art of the 21st century tomorrow. The exhibition is being installed in the Historical Museum now. It will last until December 12.