Days of Tatarstan Culture start in Belarus for the first time

6 June 2018

By Natalia Bordilovskaya: For the first time, the Days of Tatarstan Culture start in Belarus. Within 3 days, the cultural project will introduce residents and guests of Minsk to musical and choreographic art, folk handicrafts and creativity of contemporary artists of the Republic of Tatarstan. Yesterday, the Elabuga State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve presented its exhibition in the National Historical Museum of Belarus.

The most unique exhibits are the costume of Tatar women. The exhibition features about a dozen authentic daily and festive costumes of women of different social status.

Apart from the ethnographic collection, the Elabuga Museum also presents its modern art - paintings and drawings of Tatar artists.

In Minsk, the exhibition will work for about a month. Next, the exhibition will move to Gomel.