Belarus to host Junior Eurovision Song Contest

13 May 2018

The Eurovision Song Contest is famously unpredisctable, and this year was no exception. Belarus did not get in the grand final. The winner of the contest is Israel’s Netta Barzilai. The contestant performed in a pink kimono and got 529 points in total - the highest rating from the viewers, but not the highest scores from the professional jury who put the participant from Austria in the first place.

Hence, the next Eurovision goes to Jerusalem. This was announced today by the Prime Minister of the country.

The competition this year will be remembered by many. First, it was about the beauty and color of Portugal and the culture of this country. Secondly, the organizers of the Eurovision managed to bring together 43 countries for the third time.

One of the most discussed moments was another incident with a fan on the stage. An unknown man jumped on stage and snatched a microphone from a singer from the UK. He wanted to shout something, but did not have the time as the guards and sound engineers responded.

As for Belarus’ representative, ALEKSEEV did not enter the top ten in the first semifinal and took the 16th place. Nevertheless, the next Eurovision is going to Belarus. It will be the Junior Song Contest, though.

Belarus will host the prestigious show in November. Now, active preparation is continuing. The delegation of Belteleradiocompany held negotiations with the producers of the song contest in Lisbon. And the team of the European Broadcasting Union has already focused all the attention and forces on the event that Minsk is waiting for.

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