Eurovision news

16 January 2018

The final show of the national selection for Eurovision will be opened by Adagio, and closed by Kirill Gud. It was announced a few minutes ago following the results of the draw in Belеradiocompany.

1. Adagio, "You and I"

2. Alekseev, "Forever"

3. Shuma, Hmarki

4. Sophia Lapina, "Gravity"

5. Napoli, "Chasing rushes"

6. Anastasia Malashkevich, "World on fire"

7. Gunesh, "I will not cry"

8. Radio wave, "Subway lines"

9. ALEN HIT, "I do not care"

10. Lexy, "Ain’t you"

11. Cyril Hood, "Deja Vu"

The winner will be determined on February 16 . He/she will represent Belarus at Eurovision International Song Contest in May.