International street art "Not Just Banksy" displayed in Minsk

25 September 2019

International street-art  forum "Not Just Banksy"  featuring artists from Belarus, Poland, the UK and Russia suggest  looking  at the world from a different perspective.

The focus of the exposition is the prints of the world famous artist Banksy. The works of a contemporary street artist were bought in London in the "Pictures on the Walls" gallery.

The intrigue is that no one has seen the face of the English underground artist and director. One of the versions says that pseudonym Banksy belongs to the British comic book artist, founder of the Gorillaz band.

Street art has amazed both provincial cities and the capitals of the world. The canvas pictures  not only the walls of houses, but also urban transport: bicycles, skateboards and even the shovels, found in the city courtyards.

Another  theme of the exhibition is urban fashion including  sensational picture from  Berlin Wall by the Russian-German artist Dmitry Vrubel and  motorcycle with an unusual engine by the world champion in customizing Yuri Shif are there. Among the customers of his workshop are world-famous actors, musicians and other famous people.

The Belarusian performer Mikhail Gulin has his own approach to designing city streets in order to preserve historical monuments and even the cobblestone. 

The exposition also presents the works of the artists from Belarus, Poland, the UK and Russia, who use different ideas and means in city street art. You can see all the works until November 21, and also listen to educational lectures and participate in master classes.