Nouvelle Philharmonie holds concert on roof in historical center of Minsk

4 August 2017

By Nina Mozheiko (live): An unusual location for a classical performance was chosen by Belarusian musicians. Nouvelle Philharmonie piano trio that consists of a pianoforte, violin and cello, are performing in the historical center of Minsk on Revolutsionnaya Street. The open-air event is taking place right on the roof of one of the classic low-rise buildings of the 19th century.

All the seats in the open-air concert hall were taken by spectators in the first two hours of registration. By the way, this place can house only 200 people.

Nouvelle Philharmonie are peforming neoclassical music – the works of the modern British composer Max Richter. It was he who gave the music of Vivaldi a different sound – the spirit of minimalism. So this evening is classic, yet very modern.

The Belarusian trio is well known in Europe. First of all, because the musicians are prize-winners of prestigious international competitions and graduates of the best European music schools. The name of the violinist Artiom Shishkov is inscribed in the gold book of the fund New Names of the Planet. He is also known as the first Belarusian who played the violin of the great master Antonio Stradivari. Today, the 18th century violin of another Italian master – Giovanni Gabrieli – is in his hands.

Sergey Smirnov is playing the piano, and Dmitry Tsypkin is the cellist.

The trio is not some kind of a regular project, though – the musicians mostly perform independently. In their performances, Nouvelle Philharmonie use the concept of cross-genre – they mix world classics, minimalistic musical works and even pop and rock music. By the way, those who did not get into a minority of spectators and listeners on the roof will be able to enjoy the creativity of the trio tomorrow – at the evening concert near the Town Hall.