Belarusians bring 5 medals from 14th Delphic Games

29 November 2019
5 medals from the 14th Delphic Games were brought by students of creative colleges and academies. Now the winners are preparing documents to submit for the title of laureate and winner of the Grand Prize of the special fund of the President of Belarus for the support of the talented youth. This is the highest award for promising artists and musicians.

The special fund of the President of Belarus is 23 years old. More than 4000 people and almost 300 teams were awarded the title of laureate, scholarship holder and diplomat of the foundation. The main award, the grand prize and the title of laureate, has been awarded 454 times. The prize is awarded for a high place in a prestigious competition of the international level (for example, the same Delphic Games, Slavic Bazaar, Opera or Eurovision).

The award from the President’s Special Fund is also an excellent material help. The fund over the past 3 years amounted to more than 1860 thousand Belarusian rubles.

Every 3rd in the list of talents is a musician. Vocalists and choreographers are actively rewarded as well. Masters of fine art rarely receive scholarships and incentives. Only a few are awarded in the design, directing and literature fields.

Only the best creative personnel of Belarus are included into the Gifted Youth Databank, which contains more than 600 talents and 200 teams. 

The laureates and scholars of the President’s special fund receive permits for the Delphic Games every year. This is a battle of talents of the CIS countries. The competition ended literally this week and brought together more than 400 talented performers. 12 participants went from Belarus. We have 5 medals: 3 bronzes, a silver and a gold. Belarus takes the 4th place in the ranking of 8 countries. Olga Makarova, a student at the Academy of Music, took the gold.

The majority of young people who are in the Databank continue to work in the bands, cultural organizations, media, according to statistics. Representatives of the Belarusian delegation at the 15th Youth Delphic Games will be selected from the same list. It is already known that the Games will be held in Omsk Region in April 2020.