Belarusian restorers reconstruct painting of Ilya Repin

13 July 2019

Belarusian restorers announced a sensation. A rare and almost unknown canvas by Ilya Repin has already been reconstructed and is ready to be exposed.

This is not a painting and not graphics, it is coal on canvas. Repin liked to write in bulk materials (pastels, gravy). The picture, even in the original form of the author requires, significant eyestrain. This sketch, written at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries came to us in a deplorable state.

During the Great Patriotic War, the large-scale canvas was lost, while the study in coal was safely preserved. But the main uniqueness of this work is its content.

"Vade retro, Satana!" is the name of the work, which opens a little-known Repin, an artist who worked a lot with biblical scenes. This topic has been kept silent for a long time. In fact Repin left many paintings dedicated to Jesus Christ. Repin addressed several times the story of the dialogue between the Savior and Satan during the forty-day stay of Jesus in the desert.