28.04.2018 15:40

У Батанічным садзе Мінска можна сустрэць экзатычную вясну. Тут запрашаюць натхніцца выставай сукулентных раслін. Гэта кветкі, якія звычайна растуць у сухіх трапічных лясах.

05.11.2016 15:15
|  Society

Its objective is to draw the population to active participation in public life. 8 UN agencies are going to take part in the program.

11.06.2016 15:28

Minsk hosted the finals of the international competition for the realization of a global reduction in carbon dioxide emissions strategy.

11.06.2016 15:22

Clothes and shoes from the Minsk region are increasingly becoming brands not only in the domestic market but also abroad

16.04.2016 15:27

By Christina Karankevich: 10 types of high-yielding potatoes were offered to the population by Mogilev Regional Research Station.

16.04.2016 15:15

Among the participants of the project there are Chinese companies that operate in the fields of electronics, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

26.03.2016 15:26

By Kristina Karankevich: 20 performances will be presented by theaters from 9 countries. March-Contact was founded in 2006, when the organizers of the forum decided that it would be for young people, about young people and with young people.

19.03.2016 15:32
|  Society

Today Belarus will join the International ecological action Earth Hour. From 20:30 to 21:30, the light will be turned off on the avenues and in public buildings of our cities, and we hope, in your homes.

19.03.2016 15:30

The Mechanical Engineering College is now a construction site. Every day it gets a new look. Future mechanical engineers, winners of national competitions, always offer sensible ideas.

19.03.2016 15:24

By Evgeni Pobalovets: Be Safe project implemented in Belarus. Experts from Italy give lectures to road users - drivers, pedestrians and inspectors, and provide practical recommendations on the organization of traffic.

19.03.2016 15:16

By Nadezhda Serbinenko: Large-scale modernization, new collections and innovative tailoring techniques. The Belarusian knitwear manufacturers increase sales and expand export geography.

12.03.2016 15:33

Art Nouveau is an era of womanliness. This is stated by the organizers of the new exhibition at the Mogilev regional museum.

12.03.2016 15:29

The winners will receive a subsidy to cover part of interest on loans. The main condition is the creation of new jobs. Among the priorities are development of new products, export-oriented and import-substituting production, introduction of new technologies and energy and resource saving production.

12.03.2016 15:15
|  Society

Now the builders complete finishing works and volunteers help in the improvement of the adjacent territory. It is planned that the center’s first patients will come here in July.

23.01.2016 15:33

Over the past 10 years, the company has been fully renewed, its capacity has almost doubled. Today, the main goal of the plant is to increase exports.

21.11.2015 15:45

French Impressionist music was played this week in the White living room of the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence by winners of international competitions violinist Ksenia Beltyukova and pianist Marina Romeyko.

21.11.2015 15:30

Vitebsk hosts the 28th International Festival of Modern Choreography, one of the most respected dance forums in Europe

14.11.2015 15:33

Mogilev gathered scientists from 11 countries at the International Forum of traditional cultures. This year the organizers focused on preservation of authentic ceremonies, folk traditions and crafts.

14.11.2015 15:26

A single information portal for business entrepreneurs was presented in Vitebsk during the International Innovation Forum.

14.11.2015 15:18

Days of Minsk are held in St. Petersburg these days. The program includes an exhibition-fair of Belarusian goods, a business forum, matchmaking and signing of new agreements on mutually beneficial cooperation.

31.10.2015 15:41

Tourists actively book place to celebrate the New Year and Christmas. Last year, about 550 homesteads of the central region were visited by over 120 thousand visitors from neighboring countries.

31.10.2015 15:19

Modernization of production allows the plant in Osipovichi to process about 80 tons of wheat and 150 tons of rye per day

31.10.2015 15:17

130 million tons of oil was produced by Belarusian specialists since the beginning of field exploitation in our country. Since then, experts have passed a long way and now the company Belorusneft uses the latest technology and production methods.

24.10.2015 15:21
|  Economy

This week Gomel has become a meeting place for business leaders and business associations from eleven countries. A number of agreements on cooperation have been signed.

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