Memorial tablet of Belarusian footballer Valentin Belkevich opens in Minsk

31 January 2016

By Nikolai Stulo: The man who brought together the entire stadiums and at the same time avoided publicity. In this slender short guy the fans saw and remember the idol of the whole epoch of the Belarusian football.

Belkevich never used brute force in the field, his purpose was to create. So called roller - Painter. I could "draw" a pass that revenge remained half ended rivals.

After living 41 years, Valentin distinguished himself as an outstanding football player, but he remained a mysterious man. Reporters could not reach him. It was closed and virtually none to his not admitted.

Valentin Belkevich, the best football player of Belarus and Ukraine:

"I have decided for myself that I do not talk. One who talks a lot, is not so good at playing football."

in Kiev Belkevich inadvertently flashed in the gossip columns.

In 2004 he married a member of pop group Viagra Anna Sedokova. The couple legalized their relationship despite the young age of the girl, Anya was eighteen years old. A few months later, the couple had a daughter, Alina, and two years later Sedokova and Belkevich and parted like good friends.

Fans of Belarus and Ukraine, admitted: we go to the stadium to watch the game of Belkevich, it seems it is the highest individual award, which can only be in football. Valentin did not win the Champions League, although he was close to it, he avoided publicity, he is alien to the very word "public relations". And it seems he deliberately avoided fame, which undoubtedly deserve.

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