Belarus performs IVF since mid-90s

10 March 2019

Unfortunately, not every family in our country can have a child without the help of doctors. 14% of married couples in Belarus are fertility-challenged. Although this is the average statistics for the world, the figure is not encouraging. Fortunately, modern medicine allows women to become pregnant even with this diagnosis. Since the mid-90s IVF is performed in Belarus.

Thanks to the procedure from 1.5 to 2 thousand Belarusians are born every year.

Today, IVF is done only for medical reasons. The procedure is carried out in eight Belarusian centers. The cost starts from 2.5 thousand dollars. The amount is impressive, but the cost in neighboring Poland is at least 3.5 thousand dollars. In America, it reaches 20 thousand dollars.

It is not surprising that patients come to us from Italy, France, Germany and the USA. For Belarusians concessional loans for IVF are provided. This is an important part of supporting demography as a whole, because IVF allows for birth of 1.5 - 2 thousand healthy children annually, which is especially important now, when there are less than 9.5 million Belarusians left.

To make IVF more affordable, a bill is being drafted at the Ministry of Health concerning surrogate motherhood and the price of the procedure. We can safely say: IVF will become more accessible for Belarusian families.

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