Slavic Bazaar festival no longer exclusively Slavic

16 July 2017

By Nina Mozheiko: The Slavic Bazaar festival long ceased to be exclusively Slavic - it is no surprise to see artists, for example, from Ecuador or Egypt, participating in the event.

The river Dvina, which runs through Vitebsk, can be called international as it flows through the territories of Belarus, Russia and Latvia, uniting the peoples. Musicians and performers arrive in the city from afar as Vitebsk has become a legendary place in art world.

The Slavic amulet Star of the Cross is this year’s logo of the Slavic Bazaar festival, unveiled by designer Dmitry Tolokonnikov. The festival's logo was also incorporated into the Summer Amphitheater’s stage scenery. This year, the international forum features 36 participants, the main state symbols of each of the countries flown near the festival venue. The grand opening was preceded by a spectacular flashmob performed by drummers. The festival flag then took an honorable position among the state flags accompanied by a military orchestra.

A star of People’s Artist Tamara Gverdtsiteli was unveiled in the Star Square this year.

Slavic Bazaar has long been a brand, more recently becoming chair of the World Association of Festivals. When hosting festival events, Vitebsk turns into one huge art venue, offering concerts, theatrical plays and visual art performances.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the Summer Amphitheater’s dome - the metal construction was erected over the venue in 2007. The festival’s largest facility can accommodate 6,500 spectators.