GDP of Belarus to grow slightly more than 2 percent in 1st quarter

16 January 2018

In the first quarter the GDP of Belarus will grow by a little more than two percent and will give us the opportunity to reach the result of 3.5 percent growth in the end of the year. The Ministry of Economy observes the possibility of growth in the stability of domestic and foreign markets. This was announced today at the Presidium of the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister considers the growth of the population's incomes to be the most important task of developing the economy. At the same time, Andrei Kobyakov emphasizes that money should be earned. Thus, it is necessary to link wages with the productivity of labor in the off-budget sphere.

Small business which is now supported by preferences is aimed at creation of new jobs. However, many officials in the regions are remotely familiar with the liberal package. The government's task is to hold seminars and meetings in order to spread the knowledge about new opportunities. 

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