Made in Belarus exhibition opens in Tbilisi

20 March 2019

Belarusians present their export potential in Georgia. Today the exhibition Made in Belarus opened in Tbilisi. The Georgian vector for our exports is very promising. Geographical proximity and a number of customs preferences allow domestic producers to easily establish good contacts. The new stage of the bilateral relations was launched by the Belarusian leader’s first visit to Georgia. As a result, the level of mutual trade has increased significantly. 

Today,  the businessmen of the two countries signed almost two dozen contracts and agreements for the supply of our goods, equipment, food products, and agreed to set up joint ventures.

Belarusian exhibitions in Georgia have already become a good tradition. For the fourth year, our enterprises bring the latest developments to Tbilisi ranging from engineering and oil refining to pharmaceuticals and food.

The largest exposition was brought to Georgia by Gomselmash company. The Belarusian side agreed to supply 30 combines to Georgia  for $ 2.5 m.

The engineering industry of Belarus at was presented by MAZ with a new high-capacity dump truck. Minsk Tractor Works demonstrated the latest technology. All the vehicles were assembled a few days before the exhibition at a joint production in Batumi. 

Sergey Nabeshko, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “We are really proud of our products. There are specific agreements, and we are confident that there will be direct deliveries and assembly plants.”

By the way, today Georgian milk processing company Milko Food and a group of Belarusian milk processing enterprises have agreed to open a new joint production and signed a contract for the supply of skimmed milk powder. In the near future, they will start the process of modernization: they will increase the volumes, expand the line of goods, create new jobs.

The openness of the economies of the two countries today was stressed by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusy and  Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze. The sides discussed prospects for further cooperation, and their implementation in real projects at the Belarusian-Georgian Business Council.

Tomorrow,  a meeting of the intergovernmental Belarusian-Georgian commission will be held. On the agenda  there are 12 key issues  ranging from science, culture and sports to industrial cooperation and environmental protection.