6th Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia in St. Petersburg finishes

18 July 2019

The 6th Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia is over in St. Petersburg. More than thousand people took part in its work. The bilateral talks between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin also took place in Tauride Palace. All technical issues and contradictions in bilateral relations should be removed before the 20th anniversary of the union treaty. That is, before December 8. However, simple Belarusians and Russians, who are far from complicated economic and political issues, have been waiting for this  for a long time. And indeed, the time for words has passed. It was the Belarusian leader who set the frame, because the position of the official Minsk, which is often heard at other summits, is the removal of any barriers and obstacles. The proposal was made in the presence of key ministers of the two governments that are part of the intergovernmental group on updating the treaty. This commission deals with the solution of current problems in trade. 

In total, more than 8 dozen agreements were signed within the framework of the 6th Regional Forum.