Trade balance with Russia for supply of Belarusian agricultural products for next year to be signed in Mogilev

11 October 2018

The trade balance with Russia for the supply of Belarusian agricultural products for the next year will be signed at the Forum of Regions in Mogilev.

It was preceded by talks in Moscow at the level of deputy prime ministers and the heads of agrarian departments. As Leonid Zayats, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, noted to journalists today, the balance sheets are fully coordinated and the total volume of our exports will grow in 2019.

Belarus and Russia plan to sign contracts for more than 120 million dollars, as well as cooperation agreements. The agro-industrial policy within the framework of the Union State is now being discussed in the thematic section. A particular attention is paid to the creation of agricultural machinery, the introduction of new resources and energy-saving technologies. We are also talking about the development of the Higher Agrarian School on the basis of the modern requirements of the agro-industrial complex and the formation of common breeding and genetic centers.

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