Businessmen of Belarus and Russia to meet in St. Petersburg today

17 July 2019

General information space, new tourist routes, cooperation in the field of education. The Sixth Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia continues in St. Petersburg. Experts, economists and deputies of the two countries will start their work today. It is planned to sign several cooperation agreements,

Economists, business leaders and businessmen will gather in the Tavrichesky Palace in St. Petersburg. There are dozens of issues on the agenda,  from industrial cooperation to tourism development.

The forum will host a meeting of business councils of Belarus and Russia. Participants Ingushetia.

From year to year the number of contracts signed at the Forum is growing. For comparison, at the Second Forum in Sochi, the total amount of contracts amounted to $ 230 million, and at the Fifth Forum in Mogilev it was more than twice higher 540 million. And judging by the number of participants of the Sixth Forum,  the amount may grow several times more.