Results of cooperation between Belarus and Russia in agro-industrial sector demonstrated in Moscow

11 October 2018

The 10th anniversary Agrosalon has brought together the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers fr om Belarus, Poland, the Baltic countries, Germany, the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China and many others arrived.

Pavilions of more than 500 manufacturers from 28 countries of the world, from Europe to South America and East Asia, are located on 70 thousand square meters.

One of the brightest ones are the Belarusian pavilions. Gomselmash will present a new top quality combine harvester at Agrosalon.

The new line of agro-industrial equipment is presented at the exhibition by Amkador. The company is better known for its versatile logging and utility loaders. Today it also makes multifunctional trailers and grain drying complexes.

Agrosalon is not only a presentation of products, it also means educational conferences, seminars and master classes, wh ere participants can raise their professional level in the agro-industry. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you can get practical experience, to sit behind the wheel of a tractor or a combine.

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