Development of dialogue with European Union and new projects of Minsk with Stockholm and Helsinki

25 November 2019
The President met with the Foreign Ministers of Finland and Sweden. Alexander Lukashenko noted that our country is interested in building mutually respectful and good neighborly relations with the European Union during the meeting. It is positively noted that the visit takes place at the end of the parliamentary elections in Belarus. The situation in the region and the world is pushing for a closer and mutually beneficial partnership.

Belarus has a lot in common with the states of the Northern Europe. The countries have a long history of trade relations and contacts in various fields. Alexander Lukashenko has invited Swedish and Finnish companies to take on more active projects in such fields as transport, logistics, renewable energy, energy efficiency, woodworking.

Belarus is building a nuclear power plant in Ostrovets, Helsinki is working on its Hanhikiivi-1. We are ready to follow Finnish security experience. The station is being built on a similar project by the same Russian contractor.

Sweden is in the top 10 importers of Belarusian furniture. The world famous company "Ikea" adheres to a clear strategy for developing business in our country and increasing purchases.

The cooperation between SCANIA and BelAZ in the engine supplies helps Belarusian equipment enter the EU market.

These are examples of partnerships that contribute to the modernization of the economy, consolidation in new markets and are beneficial to business. This visit is expected to give impetus to the development of relations between Belarus and all Northern Europe.