Work and prospects of yeast industry enterprises discussed at Palace of Independence

15 November 2019
2 large factories are operating in Belarus today: a yeast plant in Minsk and its branch in Oshmyany, as well as a new plant in Slutsk. About 37 million euros were invested in it, including 10 millions of German investments. The company has increased its capacity. Now they produce about 20000 tons of products per year. In the future it can be increased by 3,5 times. German partner insists on only Slutsk enterprise to remain on the market, others must be closed. According to the Germans this was stated in a preliminary agreement.

The President in his address to the participants warned that there should be no conspiracy and withholding information. The conversation should be honest and open.

The plant in Slutsk has 79 employees, the yeast plant in Minsk - almost twice as many, plus another 64 people in the Oshmyany branch. 

The President discussed various options of solutions. Each of the participants in the meeting has his own vision of the situation: from the unification or reassignment of Minsk plant to its closure. Alexander Lukashenko outlined that the interests of the country and its people should be a priority. It is unacceptable to stop the operation of the enterprise without a reason. The yeast factory in Minsk is capable of creating competition for the modern plant in Slutsk. The Mayor of the capital and Grodno Governor must present a compromise solution to the Head of the State.

The President paid special attention to the export development. Belarus can produce more than 35000 tons of yeast per year. The country's needs are 4,5 times less. Our enterprises need only about 8000 tons. We supply the inner market on our own. The goal, emphasized by Alexander Lukashenko, is to enter new markets. The President’s order is to control the situation and harness the reserves of this industry. For example, to use yeast in other areas, like medicine and animal husbandry.