President launch new line at Svetlogorsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill

14 February 2020
The President confirmed the key postion of the plant in the maximum processing of wood in Belarus and a complete rejection of the export of low-income products. Since 2012, The plant has been always modernized. The deadlines were extended mainly due to unscrupulous foreign contractors. It is necessary to bring the plant to full capacity by local specialists. The Head of State launched a new line for the production of bleached sulphur pulp today.

Cellulose is only a half-finished product. The own product output is needed to use wood as efficiently as possible. The final products can be wallpaper, cardboard, office paper, eco-packaging, napkins and paper towels. The President’s ordered to supplement the plant’s capacities with another workshop. The project is expensive, but possible in consideration with new environmental standards in Belarus and the accelerated transition from plastic to green packaging.

The production of viscose pulp will be established in Belarus. It is much stronger and is used both in everyday life and in production. The President thanked the specialists for their good work and focused on the speedy substitution of imports and access to new export markets, while talking with the plant’s staff. Svetlogorsk plant has recentle entered the markets of Kazakhstan and China. Alexander Lukashenko answered the questions of the factory workers. They concerned the future for the enterprise, diversification of oil supplies, ecology and climate.

The President visited a house-building plant and a factory of reinforced concrete products as well. The region was examined in detail by senior officials: the heads of the Presidential Administration, the State Control Committee and the Upper House of parliament on the eve on behalf of Alexander Lukashenko. The practice is new, successful and will continue to be applied. The impetus for development received not only enterprise, but the whole city, district or industry.