Mogilev’s Transmash releases crane truck trial model

10 February 2016

By Andrei Yastrebov: The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has brought up a draft of a national programme on export support and development until 2020 for public consideration. In the next five years, Belarus plans to increase exports by removing barriers in mutual trade within the EAEU, entering new markets and developing high-tech services in medicine and the IT-sector. Priority is given to the Chinese initiative the Silk Road Economic Belt, exports to China worth at least 1.5 billion dollars and the creation of joint Belarusian-Chinese enterprises. One of examples is the Mogilev factory Transmash that has released a crane truck trial model.

Mutual interest in cooperation on the part of Chinese investors and Belarusian enterprises has served as the basis for developing a series of projects in the Mogilev region alone. The investment portfolio includes over fifty proposals that would significantly modernise the region's economy. The projects have been submitted for consideration, including to Belarus’ Development Bank.

Meanwhile, Mogilevtransmash is ready to surprise its potential customers with new special machinery for the construction and utility industries.

Among the Mogilev region’s implemented initiatives is flax export to China, which has seen an eight-fold increase within a year, as well as the export of dairy and Belshina products.