Savushkin Product gets Superior Taste Award

13 June 2018

Domestic processing industry strengthens its positions in the international arena. The highest tasting contest in the world food industry Superior Taste Award was presented to the leader of the Belarusian dairy industry Savushkin Product. In addition to the Golden Starfall, the company was awarded a special badge - "Crystal Prize" - for its unrivaled taste.

The main award in the world food industry is the "Crystal Award". The maximum result that can be shown at this prestigious competition.

The fact that the Belarusian product is appreciated, says the statistics of foreign supplies. And this is the only company in the country for which access to Europe is open. Others supply only raw materials. The most modern technologies, our own raw materials base and strict quality

Today Brest production is a brand that has made the country recognizable in dozens of countries around the world. Strong European victories can strengthen the success on the world's trading venues. 

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