MTS presents electronic digital signature on TIBO-2018

16 May 2018

Today, MTS is no longer just a telecom operator, but one of the largest suppliers of digital products and services for both ordinary consumers and business customers. So on TIBO-2018 the company demonstrated an electronic digital signature. With its help, one can authenticate documents using their mobile devices fr om anywhere in the world, wh ere cellular communication is available. The company offers a comprehensive package of services: a personal account, mobile banking interfaces, electronic services. Various mobile applications have been presented that help simplify communication. Innovative solutions for online monitoring of data collected from gas and water meters have been suggested as well. The system is already running in test mode.

Together with the Ministry of Education of Belarus and UNICEF, MTS will continue to teach children safe behavior on the Internet within the framework of the project Children on the Internet. The project has already explained the principles of safe behavior on the Internet to over 8 500 students of junior classes throughout the country.

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