Governor of Penza Oblast visits BELAGRO

7 June 2017

Yesterday, Ivan Belozertsev, the Governor of Penza Oblast, held talks at the highest level. Today, the governor visited the BELAGRO exhibition and personally noted the potential of farmers. The delegation from Penza got acquainted with the latest agricultural equipment and best practices in selection. The Russian region already uses a wide range of Belarusian equipment – both on the fields and in the processing of products. Penza Oblast is interested in expanding the ties with producers. Ivan Belozertsev noted that Belarusian technologies win in terms of the prices.

Ivan Belozertsev, the Governor of Penza Oblast of the Russian Federation: "You are developing at all times. You are producing new models of equipment that are now competing with the best European equipment, but the price is much lower and the quality is not inferior. Therefore it is crucial to have a genuine interest and to further interact with your manufacturers. We believe that our joint efforts can both develop Penza Oblast and help support Belarusian agricultural producers."

The Russian region also counts on strengthening cooperation in the production of machinery. Prospects exist for joint production of grain harvesters. Now, the parties are exploring the potentially possible areas of such partnership.