Financing terrorism through banking system of Belarus impossible

25 November 2015

The probability of financing terrorism through the banking system of Belarus is almost excluded. This was stated today to journalists by the Director of the Department of Financial Monitoring of the State Control Committee Vyacheslav Reut. This month, the Belarusian financial intelligence and representatives of the National Bank participated in two forums on combating money laundering and terrorist financing. But a more detailed assessment of risks in the banking system of Belarus is still to be held next year. This procedure will take specialists of the National Bank together with colleagues from the World Bank.

Anatoly Moroz, the Head of the National Bank of Belarus: "In accordance with the recommendation of FAT, you need to carry out risk assessments. In this regard, the National Bank will assess risk with bodies such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund."

In accordance with international standards, the Belarusian banks have the right not to hold or suspend suspicious transactions. 

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