Solar energy as alternative

15 March 2020
Solar energy as an alternative and progressive business can breathe new life into the so-called Chernobyl lands. New perspectives are now opening up for them. For example: after the accident, 270,000 hectares were removed from crop rotation, only less than 10 per cent was returned. According to scientists, the hydrocarbons from the explored sources will be enough for mankind for 50 years. In the future, oil and its products should become only raw materials for the chemical industry. Hydrogen, solar, wind and nuclear power will take its place. 

According to the Energy Security Concept of the country, the share of energy production from renewable energy sources in the total consumption of the country at the end of last year should be 6%, and in 15 years the share of green energy will increase to 9%. 

Diversity of resources and independence from external sources are important. And this is energy and economic security. The head of the association "Renewable Energy" says that today solar, wind and even biogas energy has a high export potential. Last year we already started exporting surplus electricity to Poland and Ukraine. 

Solar energy consumption is developing faster than expected. In the U.S., its volume has increased 100 times in 10 years. 40 cities in the world use 100 percent of renewable energy and 100 cities use 70 percent. After the Chernobyl accident, 270,000 hectares of land are not sown in the spring. However, the National Academy of Sciences recommends this area for the installation of solar power plants. For example, in Bragin there are 1900 sunshine hours per year, which is only 10% less than in Sochi. The project is currently under development.